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 Little Spokane


Healthy, Thriving & Restorative
Cradled within forested hills and mountains of Eastern Washington is the Little Spokane Watershed, a magnificent treasure of nature. A viable quality of life for people and nature living in and near this treasure, depends on a watershed that is healthy, thriving and restorative.

Knowledge of the critters, their habitats and their inter-relationships with the watershed is one tool that can be used to work towards better qualities of life for everyone who lives in or near or passes through the Little Spokane Watershed.

lswcp.gif - 102.2 KOver 1,700 identified species make their living in the Little Spokane Watershed. Not counting the smaller forms of life - virus, bacteria and protists - there are almost 500 plants, over 400 fungi and lichens, and over 700 animals.

Among the plants, there are almost 100 species in the rose class and over 100 in the sunflower class. The fungi have more than 300 mushrooms. The animals have over 300 insects, more than 200 birds, more than 70 mammals and almost 50 fish.

More than 80 species have been introduced into the Little Spokane Watershed. Some of these species are considered noxious and can have a severe impact on the native species. the yellow iris has displaced cattails contributing to a decline in the birds that lived among the cattails.

Some species are at risk to one degree or another, or are missing altogether from the Little Spokane Watershed. the bald eagle has been considered threatened. The spotted frog, loon, golden eagle, vaux's swift, pileated woodpecker and western bluebird may soon be considered threatened. Missing from the watershed are the wolf, the grizzly, and the salmon.

With fresh human choices, the Little Spokane Watershed's critters, habitats and their inter-relationships can become more healthy, thriving and restorative. The Little Spokane Watershed can be as magnificent as any watershed in the world.


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