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 Stewardship Reminders

Billboards & Busborads

Look for the ěHealthy, Thriving & Restorativeî billboards and busboards throughout Spokane and the Little Spokane Watershed.

The billboards and busboards are not selling another product to purchase but are intended to be stewardship reminders. Reminders that everyone can do what they can to allow the Little Spokane Watershed to become more healthy, thriving and restorative. These reminders  also let people know about the new Little Spokane Watershed web site.

These moving and stationary displays are to encourage consideration of taking care of the Little Spokane Watershed as do the Tapestry of Life Little Spokane Watershed posters which are available free to schools. These two sided posters are now in many schools and public places and are reminders of how magnificent the Little Spokane Watershed can be.

The water color side of the poster shows more than forty of the native birds and other wildlife, their habitats and some of their inter-relationships. The graphic side of the poster includes a map of the watershed, lists thirteen major habitats, and compares the number of identified species for the watershed to identified species of the world.

If the billboards and busboards encourage a few more people to decide to become better stewards of the Little Spokane Watershed then they will have been well worth it.

There are numerous activities that can be done for better stewardship of the Little Spokane Watershed. Native plants can be planted in appropriate areas to hasten the restoration of areas returning to nature places. More Backyard Wildlife Sanctuaries, a program of the Department of Fish and Wildlife, can be started. There are areas where litter and trash can be removed. More areas can be created for the more than 200 species of birds that live in and pass through the watershed. More nature mapping expeditions can be taken to record the species at specific sites in the watershed.

Each time you see one of the billboards or busboards you might spend a few moments thinking about what you might do individually or  with others to contribute to the nurturing of the magnificent Little Spokane Watershed.

Copyright 1997 Little Spokane Watershed Council
Revised 11/24/97

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