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Little Spokane Watershed projects are volunteer groups of individuals who care about the health and well-being of the Little Spokane Watershed. Each project's purpose is to nurture the stewardship of the Little Spokane Watershed in specific ways. Each group is intended to be a place for sharing success stories and visions and to be a resource center for the watershed.

Each project's goals are to foster attitudes, of the people living in and involved with the Little Spokane Watershed, and work toward the stewardship of the Little Spokane Watershed. This is no small project and not an unworthy goal.


Each Little Spokane Watershed project works on various activities nurturing the health of the watershed and allowing the watershed to become more restorative. Each specific project has its own active participants who are responsible for the project. Project ideas and project volunteers are most welcome. lswcp.gif - 102.2 K

Book: CRITTERS Of The Little Spokane Watershed

CRITTERS Of The Little Spokane Watershed is a 320 page guide and photographic tour of the watershed's native plants, fungi, wildlife, habitats and their inter-relationships. There are over 50 illustrations and over 275 black and white photographs.

CRITTERS recognizes that a viable quality of life for people and nature living in and near the Little Spokane watershed, depends on a watershed that is healthy, thriving and restorative.

CRITTERS identifies over 1,700 species that make their living in the Little Spokane Watershed. Not counting the smaller forms of life, virus, bacteria and protists - there are almost 500 planets, over 400 fungi and lichens, and over 700 animals in the watershed's thirteen habitats.

CRITTERS is available at local bookstores or can be ordered directly:

Poster: Little Spokane Watershed - Tapestry Of Life

The Little Spokane Watershed - Tapestry of Life is a two sided poster. One side shows a map of the watershed and lists the habitats and some of the commen species for each habitat. The other side of the poster is the watercolor, shown to the right. The poster is available free for schools and education groups from Individuals can also order the poster from .

Little Spokane Watershed Billboard Project

Billboards and other advertisements to encourage stewardship of the Little Spokane Watershed.

Native Plant Planting Project

Groups can sponsors planting of native plants in the Little Spokane Watershed. In cooperation with Sierra Club - Upper Columbia River groups have planted native plants in the watershed.

Nature Mapping Project

Groups can sponsor nature mapping projects in the Little Spokane Watershed. Groups or individuals collect information on the native plants, wildlife and or fungi for a particular area. This information can be added ton nature maps of the area.

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