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Orchard Prairie Puts The Little Spokane On The Nature Map

Orchard Prairie elementary schoolís nature mapping students made history with the first nature mapping expeditions made in the Little Spokane Watershed. Most if not all of the research locations have not been researched by anyone in as much detail as what the Orchard Prairie students did this past school year. With the assistance of the teachers, naturalists, birders and other people that enjoy nature the students explored the sixteen sites in the twelve nature mapping expeditions.
Sullivan Pond Sites

Nature Mapping Expeditions

These expeditions explored four sites: Orchard Prairie Wildlife Refuge, Sullivan Pond, Indian Painted Rocks and a private nature sanctuary. At each location four specific sites were selected for nature mapping. The students divided in to four groups with each group going to a different site along with a teacher or nature guide. At each site the students recorded in their nature mapping journals all the species they saw. After ten minutes or so each group rotated to another site. This gave all the students an opportunity to observe how species may differ depending on the habitat.

Nature Mapping Journals

The species journal records have been entered into the computer and nature maps can now be displayed for the locations and each site. In the next school year these maps can be used for classroom projects and planning for new nature mapping explorations.

Nature Maps

Maps of the Orchard Prairie Wildlife Refuge can be used to  study the topography of the refuge and to plan where to plant native plants for the on going native plant restoration project.
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