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LSW Web Pages

1    www.lsw.org - Home Page

2    Web Site Contents

3    Little Spokane Watershed Maps
    Map 1) Little Spkane Watershed
    Map 2) Inland Pacific Northwest From Space

4    Summary Of Critters Identified (1,709 Species)
5    Birds Indentified (259 Species)
    5.1    Birds Grebe - Rail
    5.2    Birds Sandpiper - Pipit
    5.3    Birds Swallow - Vireo
    5.4    Birds Warblers - Weavers, Banding Summary

6    Nature Mapping
    6.1    Orchard Prairie Nature Mapping
    6.2    Orchard Prairie Research Report
    6.3    Orchard Prairie Nature Mapping Expedition Photos

7   Stewardship Reminders

8   EAP Toxic Site Map & Text

50    Planting Native Plants

39    Little Spokane Watershed Council

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Other Little Spokane Watershed Web Sites


Orchard Prairie


Other Maps & Charts

Flow Rate At Dartford

Water Quality Test Site Map

Toxic Sites

Inland Pacific NW From Space

Eastern WA Relief Map

Aquifer Maps & Info

Aquifer Sensitive Area Map

Aquifer Hillshade Map

Little Spokane Aquifer Map

Aquifer Flyover Map

Aquifer Description

Other Regional Watershed Web Sites


Marshall Community Coalition

Coeur d'Alene Watershed

Spokane-Coeur d'Alene Watershed Map

Inland Columbia River Watershed



Watershed Resources


Water Quality - Spokane County

Critical Areas - Spokane County


WA Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary Program

WA Nature Mapping

WA Rivers Council

WA Priority Habitat Species


National Watershed Network

Census Data - Spokane


Views From Space

Population Densities

World Map Views


Im01_heron_blcy.gif, many pages, LSW Logo of Heron with blue background
Im03_lsw_map.gif, page 3, map of the watershed
Im04_CrSum.gif, page 4, Summary Of Critters identified for watershed

Im05_BIntro.gif, page 5, Intro to bird list
Im05_ 1.gif, page 5.1, Bird List , slow loading
Im05_ 2.gif, page 5.2, Bird List , slow loading
Im05_ 3.gif, page 5.3, Bird List, slow loading
Im05_ 4.gif, page 5.4, Bird List, slow loading

Im06.gif, page 6, LSW Nature Mapping Locations Map
Im06_1.gif, page 6.1 Sullivan Pond Nature Mapping Site Map

Im06_2a.gif, page 6.2 NM Info
Im06_2b.gif, page 6.2 NM Info
Im06_2c.gif, page 6.2 NM Info

Im0630X.gif, page 6.3 14 Orchard Prairie Nature Mapping Photos

Im07_1.gif, page 7 Billboard

Im07_2.gif, page 7 Bus with Busboard

Im07_3.gif, page 7 Busboard

Im08.gif, page 8 EPA Toxic Site Map

Im50.gif, page 50, Marshall Community Coalition Page, with 'Living With Native Plants'

Little Spokane Watershed Council

116 East 40th, Spokane, WA 99203-2750
Phone: 509.747.5738 - Fax: 509.838.5155
www.lsw.org - bheron@lsw.org
Copyright 1997 Little Spokane Watershed Council
Revised 10/3/97

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